Gain experience and be the best!
Thanks to the blessing, you do not have to worry that it will be hard to recover after you die.
PVP and wars system is here for you! In addition, you can gain experience by fighting!
Thanks to the huge content of the server, you are able to provide yourself with a lot of entertainment!


22 Aug 2021
We have added new layout to be more user-friendly and flexible to our players!
17 Aug 2021
We have added anty-kill feature on low levels (under 40 lvl player killing) you will be kicked to temple unless you are skulled (white, yellow, rs)
15 Aug 2021
From now leaders of guild are able to upload their avatars guild
15 Aug 2021
Today we are going to have some extra bonuses. Events start at about 15:00, so come all together!
13 Aug 2021
Accidently logging in (with no vocation) on mainland were repaired.


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Quest Guide
Svargrond Arena
Requires: min. 10 level (1k gold), 50 level (5k gold), 80 (10k gold) level.

[1 stage] to choose: dragon hammer, knight axe, fire sword.

[2 stage] to choose: queen's sceptre, dreaded cleaver, relic sword.

[3 stage] to choose: arbalest, ravenving, runed sword.

Monsters: The same bosses as original

1.We are heading to Yurcity ship.

2.Ask Captain Fearless for passage to Iceland.

3.On Iceland you move forward following on yellow line or moving stright ahead on boat.

4.We are asking NPC Arener to passage through the doors on right side. You need to pay him!

5.We choose the reward on chests.