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28 Jan 2021
Berserker new formula has been improved.
22 Jan 2021
Added !autoloot command to switch settings.
22 Jan 2021
All mana potions are looted automaticly now.
21 Jan 2021
Autoloot money have been implemented.
18 Jan 2021
Updated client with new features like Killed monsters counter, blacklist items (double click on item) and few small other fixes.
18 Jan 2021
New client with some fixes has been uploaded.
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  16 Jan 2021, 10:38    Coming back after a while

We are very pround to announce that new client with the latest features have been ready to download. This is fantastic tool to measure your hunting session.

Hunting Analyzer

Credits, Gm Azuusiek

  11 Jan 2021, 11:09    Downtime - will be back.

Updated 12:44 p.m: Server closed until new client available. Alleged time 00:00 this night.

Updated 14.01.2021: We are back again. Server will be open since the mornining. All players got extra 7 days of premium. Have fun!

As we are moving our server to another hosting service, there will be downtime since 12th of January at 14:00 CET and will last for a day or two. After the break we will give everyone 3 days of premium as compensation. We are sorry for any inconvencience.

  28 Dec 2020, 16:14    NPC Gnomally and Daily Daisy

As we wanted to create more entertaining gameplay, we would like to introduce two essential NPC's coming right now.

Daily Daisy [daily task]

To notice: Daily task is reseting at 00:00 (midnight). Some of them will be corrected according to occurance on map.

Gnomally [minor/major tokens]

  21 Dec 2020, 05:00    Enchanting shrines

As announced earlier: First Phase of creating enchanted weapons have been released! (after ss)


Cost of Enchanted Weapon vary and is based on oryginal weapon as example: knight axe cost 10% of 2k =200 gp. You can check which one weapons you want to enchant and how much it cost. Blackboard will have given you proper info.

This is the great solution who are planning to deal sensivite monster and might help you out with pace of killing.

  19 Dec 2020, 13:41    In-game currency-rc

We have implemented in-game currency called ramonia coins. You can obtain coins from tasks as a reward. Check our Trader Shopper NPC and ask for items.


  18 Dec 2020, 21:04    Map viewer available

We want to share our full map. Find every monster, every location and npc just search or drag your mouse and scroll.

Map Viewer

  11 Dec 2020, 20:18    Ramonia is back on track!


Ramonia is a long-term project with ambition to become unique server amongst old-school projects. We are ready to open this fascinating world with blank paper to well-informed players as same as the newcomers seeking for emotions. For the past almost 3 years we are constantly adding new content and features to meet expectations of how our beloved tibia should look like. There are tons of new monsters to kill, tasks to complete, items to collect and missions to accomplish. As said there will be no time to be bored since it's apperantly time to be thrilled about!

First 100 created accounts get 3 days premium account!

There will be hold lottery drawing on our fanpage on facebook. You need to like our fansite and leave like under official announcement post. There are fantastic prize: 1st, 2nd, 3rd place: 150 points, 4th and 5th place: 75 points. Good luck!


What has changed?

Map - as we are aware that custom map is something that bothers some player, we've prepared for newcomers and habitues map browser of the whole ramonia world with all monsters and npcs. From this time you won't get lost since each path, monster, npc can be looked through by search section or just dragging the cursor. Therefore each of you will have an even chance and maybe find something that was never discovered?

Tasks - they were modified (decreased) by amount of kill (experience tasks mostly) from 20% to even 100%. The decision must have been made since it's all about fun and clear goal (not struggling) to make. We hope this time the hardest tasks are reachable.

NPCs - there will be variety of npcs where you can sell your loot. Djinns supposed to be useful on this large map so our beloved Sam will be less busy this time. New npcs occur like Gnomally (exchange minor, major tokens), Eruaran (weapons umbral creation), Atrad (assassin stars - outfit needed)

Enchanting shrines - from the beginning I wanted to create something useful with enchantable weapons. Right now it will be possible with decent gold. For the incentive all of the weapons will have an extra +1 to elements and +1 to core attack as original.

Exercise weapons - additional weapon to be exercise magic for all vocations with less power but still very handy.

Souls - training monks accessible only with souls >=100 require. Each 2 minutes you loss an soul. Entry payable, lowered tiny. Changed Asura Palace extremely OP spawn will be restricted by souls also - you're going to lose 2 souls per minute. How to regenerate souls? standing outside of those soul killers spots, sleeping in bed or yielding experience from monsters.

Quests - rewards from quests were balanced and well-organized to its level difficulty and intended use. There are few quests newly added to map so have your eyes opened!

Houses - now you will be able to buy house in new locations: Yalahar, Iceland and Roshamuul, rest Yurcity houses ready to move in. Remember! You can lose your house while being offline for 2 weeks (only free accounts concern).

General information:

Experience Stage:

01 lvl to 07 lvl : 12x (first day 15x)
08 lvl to 20 lvl : 8x
21 lvl to 30 lvl : 7x
31 lvl to 40 lvl : 6x
41 lvl to 50 lvl : 5x
51 lvl to 60 lvl : 4x
61 lvl to 80 lvl : 3x
81 lvl to 100 lvl : 2.5x
101 lvl to 130 lvl: 2x
131 lvl to 999 lvl : 1.5x

Skills Rate : Staged last 3x
Magic Rate : Staged last 2x
Loot Rate : 2.5x
Frag Time: 12 hours
Frags to red skull/ban: 3/6