Gain experience and be the best!
Thanks to the blessing, you do not have to worry that it will be hard to recover after you die.
PVP and wars system is here for you! In addition, you can gain experience by fighting!
Thanks to the huge content of the server, you are able to provide yourself with a lot of entertainment!


11 Jan 2022
Added Guild War stats to view the score.
10 Jan 2022
Gnomally NPC from now exchange minor crystalline tokens for the major one. Ask for exchange tokens. 20 per 1.
10 Jan 2022
Added new spawn of goblins on Edron. There is a great place to collect small stones.
10 Jan 2022
Today we are opening 2 events: 15% more exp and 3.5x Loot Rate. The events will start at 17:00 and last until 6.00 a.m. See you around!
09 Jan 2022
Autoloot have been extended to 2 slots per FACC and 5 slots per PACC.


Most important rules
1. Cheating especially using unofficial software to play: Aimbot and Cavebot will lead to immediate DELETION!
2. Intentionally abuse of game weakness such as glitches and bugs and hiding it from staff will lead to immediate DELETION!
3. Attempts to DDos attacks and trial to blackmail administrator to gain privileges in game.
PvP-Enforced Rules
Basic Info: You are getting experience by players killing at least of 75% difference of lvl killer/opponent.
  • Killing yourself in a row, means killing your second character on the same or other account.
  • Killing other characters in a war and pvp fights
  • Killing random players as a player killer (pk)
  • Making death to give experience to your friends, collegues, team players
  • If you are quitting/rooking yourself you are not allowed to give experience to your friends and other people
  • Intentionally killing suicide players who are rooking themselves
What if you break the rule?
  • Level downgrade before your started to abuse
  • Banishment minimum 2 days if you were getting experience
  • Banishment minimum 4 days of entire account if you were giving experience to others
  • Offensive name
  • Names containing Admin's and GM's positions
  • Pretending to be staff member
  • Advertising other servers
  • Macro/tasker usage on training zones
  • Agitating against ramonia e.q: spreading false information about admin and offending his actions
  • Destructive behaviour - in same cases constantly disturbing new and other players to achieve some goals
  • Not listening to admin orders and commands