Thanks to the blessing, you do not have to worry that it will be hard to recover after you die.
PVP and wars system is here for you! In addition, you can gain experience by fighting!
Thanks to the huge content of the server, you are able to provide yourself with a lot of entertainment!


02 Jul 2022
Uploaded new client with some fixes. Check download section.
19 Jun 2022
Added new tasks on Rook and Main. Missing latest added monsters. Moreover there are 3 spawns added on Rookmekgard. More to come.
18 Jun 2022
There was a rollback from SS. We have fixed crash so there shouldnt be any problem in future. Thanks for patience.
02 Jun 2022
We have set up a date and officially character creation have been opened.
03 Feb 2022
Channels e.q game-chat from now are restricted by level requirment.


Server Status
Ramonia record of players online: 581 on 19 Jun 2022.
Last login Outfit Name Vocation Level
3 minutes agoMarakeshaSorcerer8
15 minutes agoGugiloSorcerer27
an hour agoKing RycerzSorcerer25
2 hours agoMobryzunPaladin24
an hour agoGlue SniferPaladin33
19 minutes agoGuahahahaPaladin19
18 minutes agoPitisPaladin26
an hour agoShromzPaladin17
22 minutes agoSornorPaladin49
23 minutes agoAtlas ZbuntowanyKnight56
2 hours agoMkbeweKnight14
4 minutes agoRanelKnight10
2 hours agoTentegesKnight20
2 hours agoMistyczny MenelKnight38
4 minutes agoLife Is ShortKnight8
47 minutes agoZyzioMaster Sorcerer44
2 hours agoRockyMaster Sorcerer63
4 minutes agoWarm UpMaster Sorcerer143
8 minutes agoVecnaMaster Sorcerer58
11 minutes agoDylanMaster Sorcerer65
19 minutes agoBlantekMaster Sorcerer73
3 minutes agoGowniany NoobMaster Sorcerer60
an hour agoAnarchysMaster Sorcerer97
16 minutes agoBuffmeplsElder Druid46
an hour agoTempoElder Druid18
16 minutes agoDead OtsElder Druid141
4 minutes agoSpliffuzElder Druid151
43 minutes agoGdzie Jest FranekElder Druid91
just nowLecimpowsElder Druid59
49 minutes agoCzarny ZabojcaRoyal Paladin48
4 minutes agoGenyRoyal Paladin54
6 minutes agoRoyal WilkuRoyal Paladin52
an hour agoWloczykijRoyal Paladin116
just nowMisioptysioRoyal Paladin100
4 minutes agoDeliRoyal Paladin43
18 minutes agoSir KokosqRoyal Paladin86
19 minutes agoBubelRoyal Paladin53
2 hours agoAnguss SzefRoyal Paladin55
49 minutes agoMordercza CzachaRoyal Paladin46
an hour agoXenarisRoyal Paladin87
4 minutes agoJacek MuranskiElite Knight118
9 minutes agoWlkiElite Knight96
57 minutes agoSialala EkElite Knight41
18 minutes agoSerusElite Knight129
an hour agoQdanceElite Knight111
an hour agoZombie FlakkaElite Knight46
2 hours agoGorenjeElite Knight150
4 minutes agoOdklepujeElite Knight81
4 minutes agoPiszElite Knight62
an hour agoMlody MuranElite Knight118
2 hours agoBakamy ToneElite Knight44
18 minutes agoAntysmierdzielElite Knight24
46 minutes agoKorekElite Knight63
2 hours agoTempo EkElite Knight87
4 minutes agoQnialskiElite Knight89
2 hours agoLevagon TalgaElite Knight112
2 hours agoKobibroElite Knight85
an hour agoBolec KolecElite Knight82
4 minutes agoNankaElite Knight93
46 minutes agoNajprawdziwszyfranekElite Knight118