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25 Apr 2021
Repaired outfit addons on IS depending on your gender.
24 Apr 2021
All Losts creature products were added to Yasir.
17 Apr 2021
From 18:00 loot rate is set to 3x (20% more) all time long!
17 Apr 2021
Demon oak can only be accessed without combat and skull.
14 Apr 2021
Stack bug and invisible has been repaired.
13 Apr 2021
Experience doors can be entered on side step.
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Ramonia will start in:

August 08, at 15:00 o'clock

Updated 16.04.2021. Please download newest client!

Updated 16.04.2021 Latest Client. Please download to connect.
Ramonia Client
Ramonia DirectX

Ramonia Client
Ramonia OpenGL

If your client doesn't launch please download and install this package.


Updated 18.01.2021

  • added killed monsters counter
  • added blacklisted items button (double click to hide)
  • mimimized button for windows
  • small other fixes

Updated 17.01.2021

  • added new colours to loot channel
  • some items display properly colours
  • removed option set price and the fix to bug with sudden closing analyzer
  • double click on item in Items looted: (section) make him blacklisted

Keep in mind that any kind of illegal software usage will lead to character deletion. See you there!