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19 Jan 2022
Anty-kill 60 level protection was being set in warmode.
19 Jan 2022
Added new feature change guild outfit with simple command: !go. Works only for leaders
18 Jan 2022
Restart Server is now set on 6:00 a.m
11 Jan 2022
Added Guild War stats to view the score.
10 Jan 2022
Gnomally NPC from now exchange minor crystalline tokens for the major one. Ask for exchange tokens. 20 per 1.


Character Information
Name: Czarny Koziol
Sex: Male
Vocation: Master Sorcerer
Level: 94
Residence: Yurcity
Last login: 19 Jan 2022, 01:35
Created: 03 Jan 2022, 23:23
Account Status: Free Account
Character Deaths
19 Jan 2022, 01:35Died at Level 94 by an ancient scarab
16 Jan 2022, 19:41Died at Level 84 by a wyrm
15 Jan 2022, 06:40Died at Level 81 by a wereboar
15 Jan 2022, 03:57Killed at Level 79 by Lothram
15 Jan 2022, 02:44Killed at Level 80 by Smerf Wazniak
14 Jan 2022, 13:22Died at Level 81 by an enlightened of the cult
13 Jan 2022, 22:50Died at Level 81 by a banshee
13 Jan 2022, 01:10Died at Level 72 by a banshee
13 Jan 2022, 00:08Killed at Level 73 by Krolik Bakz
12 Jan 2022, 21:23Died at Level 72 by a mummy
Tasks completed by player:
Task name
Roaring Lions
Ancient Scarabs
Dragon Lords
Annihilator I
Annihilator II
Annihilator III
Demon Helmet
Demon Oak
Pits of Inferno
Svargrond Arena
Unrealized Dream
Mawhawk Backpack
Drakens Final
Apocalypse Tower
Warzone I
Warzone II
Warzone III
Name Status Level Vocation
1. Czarny Koziol (currently viewing)94Master Sorcerer

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