Thanks to the blessing, you do not have to worry that it will be hard to recover after you die.
PVP and wars system is here for you! In addition, you can gain experience by fighting!
Thanks to the huge content of the server, you are able to provide yourself with a lot of entertainment!


03 Jul 2022
Added possibility to buy houses in Rookmekgard. The price is cheaper and is 700 gp per sqm.
02 Jul 2022
Uploaded new client with some fixes. Check download section.
19 Jun 2022
Added new tasks on Rook and Main. Missing latest added monsters. Moreover there are 3 spawns added on Rookmekgard. More to come.
18 Jun 2022
There was a rollback from SS. We have fixed crash so there shouldnt be any problem in future. Thanks for patience.
02 Jun 2022
We have set up a date and officially character creation have been opened.


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