Thanks to the blessing, you do not have to worry that it will be hard to recover after you die.
PVP and wars system is here for you! In addition, you can gain experience by fighting!
Thanks to the huge content of the server, you are able to provide yourself with a lot of entertainment!


03 Jul 2022
Added possibility to buy houses in Rookmekgard. The price is cheaper and is 700 gp per sqm.
02 Jul 2022
Uploaded new client with some fixes. Check download section.
19 Jun 2022
Added new tasks on Rook and Main. Missing latest added monsters. Moreover there are 3 spawns added on Rookmekgard. More to come.
18 Jun 2022
There was a rollback from SS. We have fixed crash so there shouldnt be any problem in future. Thanks for patience.
02 Jun 2022
We have set up a date and officially character creation have been opened.


  22 Jun 2022, 02:18    Server is running!

6 days of premium has been deployed. DONE
At 17:00 CEST we will make some events of exp and loot. It will last until SS. DONE
Weekend will have some bonuses also so be ready for great pg! DONE

Yours, Gm Romek

  02 Jun 2022, 00:06    Ramonia revival!

As many of you could anticipate this moment. Here we go again! Our fresh start will take a place on 15th of June at 18:00 CEST. Join us NOW and receive 2 days of premium before the start.

New monsters and spawns!

Mount Outfits!

New Bosses and Quests!

Balancing Vocations:
  • removed vis/mort/flam distance range spell [mage/druid]
  • removed exori gran con spell [paladin]
  • berserk/fierce berserk spells gradually drain more mana [knight]
  • exevo gran mas pox has now physical affect [druid]
  • stone skin amulets removed from djinn shop
  • SSA has death and physical protection
  • Lycanth Cathedral area is restricted until 30 level.

Client and game features:
  • autosave backpack - after relogging you have opened bps, stats in the same order
  • mount outfits - they are bonused with +10 speed
  • coloured items on loot channel - particular items as rings, ssa, amulets are coloured distinguished
  • anti-depo trash - anyone who is further than 1+ sqm won't trash your depot
  • AoE spells and runes will have dmg reduction over certain ppl on srceen

Experience Stage:
01 lvl to 07 lvl : 8x
08 lvl to 20 lvl : 6x
21 lvl to 40 lvl : 4x
41 lvl to 60 lvl : 3x
61 lvl to 80 lvl : 2x
81 lvl to 100 lvl: 1.5x
101 lvl to 120 lvl: 1.3x
121 lvl to 140 lvl: 1.2x
141 lvl to 999 lvl: 1.1x

Game and PvP Settings:
Skills Rate: Staged – last 3x
Magic Rate: Staged – last 2x
Loot Rate: 3x
Frag Time: 12 hours
Frags to red skull/ban: 3/6
See you soon!

Yours, GM Romek