Welcome, wanderer, to the fascinating world of Ramonia, a massive multiplayer online role playing game. Take the role of a valorous adventurer, explore a huge realm of magic and mystery and make friends with people from all over the world!

Ramonia has one main goal. Become one of the most entertaining Open Tibia Server out of 7.x protocols. It's a long term project with constant updates along with improving client and taking under consideration players desires. As long as my effort will be granted not only with funds but also with compliments from players, server will NEVER BE removed from OTS list. We are going to celebrate a year anniversary - next years ahead so stay tuned I guarantee it will be AWESOME!

To learn more about Ramonia take a look at the our gallery page and server info. To start playing sign up for a free account and download your client. See you in Ramonia!

Latest Changelog Updates (Click here to see full changelog)
07 Jun 2019, 18:32 Lava fixed
07 May 2019, 18:13 Renamed exercise arrow to exercise spear. Added new sprites for them.
  13 Apr 2019, 14:29    High rates whole spring season

As there are still players around wishing to give it a try to complete various tasks and quests since tomorrow we will set the following exp stages

Updated 18.05.2019
  • 8-20 lvl - x32
  • 21-40 lvl - x24
  • 41-60 lvl - x20
  • 61-80 lvl - x16
  • 81-100 lvl - x12
  • 101-125 lvl - x8
  • 126-150 lvl - x6
  • 151-180 lvl - x4
  • 181+ - x3

  04 Apr 2019, 12:01    Report Bugs

 !report TEXT - You can report appeared bugs, some glitches.

  08 Mar 2019, 13:23    Incoming Quests and New Spawn

I would like to present you some modified and brand-new quests and spawns. During this weekend we are going to implement some of them. There are completely new rewards that will enchant your equipment!

Ankrahmun (revamped city)

Minotaurs (Ankrahmun)

Spiders (Spawn)

Rotten Tombs (Spawn) - you need to put talon on coalbasin.

Drakens Final (Quest)

  24 Feb 2019, 13:50    Spring Long Edition

We want to give 3 Rare items for merits and competitions.
First item gain Kaax for best power gaming - Amazon Helmet 
Second item gain Your Nightmare for screenshot competition - Tempest Shield 
Third item gain Dawid Paladyn for screenshot competition - Eagle Shield 


✶change minimum level to use 'Royal Spear'
✶added some spawns on east from Yurcity
✶druids now can make  3x avalanche rune 'adori mas frigo'
✶Odemara buy some creature products
✶we make small changes in weight of runes
✶Rotten Tomb
✶Mystery House quest
✶Plague Lords quest
✶New kinds of spiders
✶new Grim Reapers spawn
✶in the near future we will change tasks and add new