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27 Jan 2020
Yalahar Quest is accessible by compliting yalahar golems task.
19 Jan 2020
Distance weapons have now proper description including level requirments.
13 Jan 2020
Added 2 categories to left menu: Polls and Banned Players.
12 Jan 2020
New command available !mana to check required mana to advance magic level.
10 Jan 2020
Added soul train which means that knight and paladin are able to train on monks only by having enough souls. You gain souls being online as also gaining exp from monsters which boost regeneration process.
10 Jan 2020
We have modified multiple cores of website as you can see to be more user-friendly and well-designed.
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Character Information
Name: Shyan Aurelius [BANNED]
Sex: Male
Vocation: Royal Paladin
Level: 112
Residence: Rookmekgard
House: Upper Street Ia (Rookmekgard)
Guild membership: Leader of the Next Generation
Last login: 17 Feb 2020, 19:29
Created: 28 Dec 2019, 22:58
Account Status: Free Account
Character Deaths
07 Feb 2020, 22:58Killed at Level 112 by Raido
03 Feb 2020, 22:27Died at Level 114 by a demon
21 Jan 2020, 17:39Killed at Level 112 by Gremcio
12 Jan 2020, 00:20Died at Level 99 by a stone golem
11 Jan 2020, 18:28Died at Level 100 by an infernalist
09 Jan 2020, 17:58Died at Level 98 by a deepling guard
08 Jan 2020, 23:38Killed at Level 99 by Rozowy
03 Jan 2020, 20:11Died at Level 84 by a frost dragon
02 Jan 2020, 16:31Died at Level 76 by a lizard zaogun
29 Dec 2019, 22:20Died at Level 43 by a hero
Current tasks:
Task name
In progress:
Black Mages
Tasks completed by player:
Task name
Frost Dragons
Dragon Lords
Annihilator I
Annihilator II
Annihilator III
Demon Helmet
Demon Oak
Pits of Inferno
Svargrond Arena
Unrealized Dream
Mawhawk Backpack
Drakens Final
Apocalypse Tower
Warzone I
Warzone II
Warzone III

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