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27 Jan 2020
Yalahar Quest is accessible by compliting yalahar golems task.
19 Jan 2020
Distance weapons have now proper description including level requirments.
13 Jan 2020
Added 2 categories to left menu: Polls and Banned Players.
12 Jan 2020
New command available !mana to check required mana to advance magic level.
10 Jan 2020
Added soul train which means that knight and paladin are able to train on monks only by having enough souls. You gain souls being online as also gaining exp from monsters which boost regeneration process.
10 Jan 2020
We have modified multiple cores of website as you can see to be more user-friendly and well-designed.
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Wiki Ramonia
How to begin:
First off you should get some decent spawn for low levels. Go to depot (left side from temple) and ask Grizzly Adams for tasks. Choose some low leveled e.q trolls and start grinding them. You can also go down to sewers (under temple), meet rats, bears, bugs, trolls and so on. After you earn some cash spend on runes/mana potions/rings hunting little more dangerous creatures. If you have premium you will be promoted on 8 lvl (you got chance to be promoted on 20 lvl - 10k cost. Make runes and sell them or use on hunting since runes on magic shop are expensive. Check maps under to find npcs and places. Good luck!
Yurcity spawns and Npcs
  • A. Svargrond Arena Quest
  • 1. Trolls
  • 2. Ghouls, Skeletons, Vampires, Necromancers, Heroes
  • 3. All kind of Dwarfs
  • 4. All kind of Orcs
  • 5. Rotworms, Bugs
  • 6. Snakes, Swamp Trolls, Slimes, Beholders
  • 7. Amazons Camp
  • 8. Crabs, Blood Crabs
  • 9. Cyclops
  • 10. Dragons, Dragon Lords
  • 11. Giant Spiders
  • 12. Earth Elementals
  • 13. Shaburaks
  • 14. Lizards, Hydras
  • 1. Dwarfs
  • 2. Minotaurs
  • 3. Minotaurs, Cyclops
  • 4. Ghouls, Skeletons
  • 5. Larvas
  • 6. Wild Warriors
  • 8. Heroes, Black Knights
  • 1. All kinds of Elfs
  • 2. Cyclopolis
  • 3. All kinds of Minotaurs
  • 4. Skeletons, Ghouls, Vampires
  • 5. Heroes
World Map