Welcome, wanderer, to the fascinating world of Ramonia, a massive multiplayer online role playing game. Take the role of a valorous adventurer, explore a huge realm of magic and mystery and make friends with people from all over the world!

Ramonia has one main goal. Become one of the most entertaining Open Tibia Server out of 7.x protocols. It's a long term project with constant updates along with improving client and taking under consideration players desires. As long as my effort will be granted not only with funds but also with compliments from players, server will NEVER BE removed from OTS list. We are going to celebrate a year anniversary - next years ahead so stay tuned I guarantee it will be AWESOME!

To learn more about Ramonia take a look at the our gallery page and server info. To start playing sign up for a free account and download your client. See you in Ramonia!

Latest Changelog Updates (Click here to see full changelog)
31 Aug 2019, 13:44 Added 2 new-brand runes. Thunderstorm and Stone Shower (adori mas vis, adori mas tera) stronger than gfb/avalanche.
29 Aug 2019, 00:11 Changed red skull duration to 48h and banishment lenght to 96h (4 full days) to prevent from mass pk low lvls.
  24 Aug 2019, 12:17    Yalahar island - 25th August

We would like to present a great new island Yalahar! You can get there by ship on Yurcity. Better be prepared to spend some money for levers around the city!

  28 Jul 2019, 12:31    Summer Season - New Opening

Hello Folks!

Summer Edtion is coming rapidly, let's summarise some of the newest things coming up.

  • Experience Rate - (staged) - you can check server info section
  • Loot Rate - x2
  • Skill Rate (staged) - ends on 3x
  • Magic Rate (staged) - ends on x2

Mechanisms and Vocation Balance
  • Balanced and reduced damage dealt by weapons (closer to real formula)
  • Increased experience loss after death - on lower lvl less
  • Sprite wand is weaker but still worth to wield
  • Knight were powerful on higher lvls so I decided to make them cosmetictly harder. Berserk will needed 150 mana. Instant healing with exura ico is weaker
  • Divine Missille spell removed and replaced by 2 instant spells - normal and strong Ethereal Spear
  • Bows are hardy ever used so added possibility to conjure better arrows (tarsal arrow) with attack close to infernal bolts
  • Skill shielding means more - now reduce 20% more by physical
  • Removed manarunes which were pretty evolution style instead implemented stackable manafluids and potions. The weakest and less cost is manafluid - potions (4 types) from normal to ultimate. Their costs balance between 85 gp to 250 gp, weigh (oz) and vocation restriction. One from another add 15 more mana points - so there is no risk mages would become unkillable.

Games and Features
  • Promotion for vocation possible to buy by free accounts (10k)
  • Shared party (!share) give you 10% more exp, 3 different vocs +10%, 4 vocs +20%
  • Training monks accessible only paying fee. Entry is set  - 100 gp multiplied by your_level. Premium has discount 50%. You can still ask for 2 free access Npc Travis
  • Limited multiclients to 2 max at the same time (3 overall)
  • Higher rune cost in shop. Trading should have revelant factor.
  • Some tasks will give you some present with random item inside (normal - rare - very rare)
  • Added tasks displayed on character profile
  • Changed layout with better look and navigation
  • Rusty armor/legs can be removed by rusty remover
  • Umbral Weapons creation
  • Equipments Sets (extra speed, hp/ mana - still considering)
  • Updated and added houses in towns
  • Added Npcs, boat in Yurcity to reach distant terrains on Yurland east side
  • Added missing Npcs granding addons (outfits)
  • Minor and major crystalline tokens give you outfits, items

Map changes and new monsters

  • Added 2 floors of massive spawn of Lost Dwarfs - underground south part of Yurcity
  • Enlarged spawn of Lizards on surface in Port Hope, near entrance to Draken Finals
  • Built large maze on Hive Born
  • New Yelothax cave
  • Raging Mage spawn in secret place
  • Revamped road to Azerus main room
  • Added missing monsters in tombs on Ankrahmun
  • Next lower level of Weres spawn
  • Dragonlings (yalahari style) added near Elfs on north-east part of Yurland


  • Firewalker Boots (+10% fire protection)
  • Rise of Devovorga (raid or regular quest)
  • Dreamhunter's challange (custom)
  • Banshee quest
  • Djin Blade
  • Fury's and Hellhound Castle (custom)
  • Apocalypse Tower (custom)
  • Omrafir and Ghaz'hagaroth raid
  • Infernatil's Gate (custom)
  • Ferumbras' Ascendant